Turn it Up..No..Pump it Up

1988, was seen as the year when a trio of foreigners tore England apart, yep Marco Van Basten, Ruud Gullit and Mr Rijkaard destroyed England at EURO 98, so it was very much a summer of discontent…

However, the Bhangra Scene was massive, venues packed with thousands, live bands everywhere, the highlight of going to a wedding was “I wonder what band they got”…
These were good days, some people I knew also went to daytimers, what ever they were ?

The New Pardesi Music Machine were not new to the scene, they had released an album prior to “Pump up the Bhangra” but it was not the biggest album on the scene at that time by far, in fact ripples instead of waves could be the term used.

They then drop “Pump up the Bhangra”, this album was full of new idea’s, new styles and innovation, it took on board the scene at present, then added a  mix of more loop based idea’s and with a rocky feel and incorporated that into the Pardesi sound, with full effect…

Pardesi, opened a can worms, with a lot of people saying, what kind of song is this (Pump up the Bhangra), as the track was neither Boliya or a complete track, but to that end Pardesi stood firm and had introduced themselves as the Innovators…A 10MINUTE TRACK!!!!!!

Pardesi, introduced new sounds, and always had a spark about them, this album challenged others out there at the time to look at what they were doing and how… and to my mind this started off the mind-set of mixing, sampling and the way in which Bhangra Music here in the UK was being produced.

Pardesi startted the ball rolling, and implanted thoughts into the minds of new producers/DJ’s that in fact they could also impact the Bhangra scene here in the UK.

Pardesi Opended the doors…. and Pump Up the Bhangra must be looked at as the Most Innovative release ever from a Band on the Bhangra scene in the 80’s.


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